The Assorted Platter is ideal for those who can’t decide on sweet or savory breakfast items. It comes with an assortment of our hallmark wood fired bagels, cream cheese, and house made pastries, including muffins, danish, chocolate and plain croissants.

SM $45 | MED $55 | LG $70


The Pastry Platter offers a sampling of the sweet side of Forage with an assortment of our house made pastries. This includes assorted muffins, danish, and both plain and chocolate croissants.

SM $45 | MED $60 | LG $75



The Bagel Platter offers the best of Forage with a sampling of our core product - wood fired bagels! The bagels come sliced and packaged in boxes for your convenience, and include a generous assortment of our house whipped cream cheeses (your choice).

SM $40 | MED $55 | LG $65


The Lox Platter includes Browne Trading Co. lox with assorted wood fired bagels, house whipped cream cheese, tomatoes, pickled onions, and capers, garnished with dill and local greens.

X-SM $45 | SM $90

MED $135 | LG $180



The Whitefish Platter is a classic assortment of all the fixings for a traditional whitefish bagel. It comes with assorted wood fired bagels, a generous helping of Acme whitefish salad, tomatoes, and pickled onions, garnished with dill and local greens.

X-SM $40 | SM $75 | MED $110 | LG $140





Includes: Sandwich, flavored sparkling water, Deep River chips, cookie (chocolate chip unless otherwise specified), mayo/mustard

Turkey: turkey, cheese, greens on 7-grain

Ham: ham, cheese, greens on 7-grain

Hummus: hummus, garden veggies (carrots, cucumbers, red peppers), greens on 7-grain

- ordered individually in set of at least 10 -

$12.00 ea


make it the works


cups, sugars, creamers and stirrers included

bucklyn coffee (serves 12 cups) $16

carafe of locally roasted coffee

tea $14

carafe of hot water with an assortment of teas on the side


serving ware

plates, napkins, forks, knives and/or spoons
$.75 per person

delivery fee

$10 within 5 miles